We’ve been fortunate to work with some great people over the last 25 years. Here’s what they say about us:


Matt Fleury

Barbara’s museum and project management experience enable her to add the right skills and resources at the right time for your team. For organizations that tend to run lean, this kind of support can be invaluable when special projects require a fast, but durational ramp-up. Barbara can set your project up for success with analytical and planful work at the front end, and seasoned counsel in mid-stride.

Matt Fleury President & CEO, Connecticut Science Center


Bill Booth

I recently worked with Punt Consulting Group on a project that began without a project manager, until everyone realized just how big a job that was. Barbara came in and picked up the responsibility seamlessly and professionally and ran the project so well that most of us still have only an inkling of how big a job it is. Its always great fun to work with Barbara, but the best part is the confidence that you have that the project will be done right!

Bill Booth President, Booth Learning


Kathy Gustafson-Hilton

Barbara is a gifted project manager with a unique set of skills honed by years working with museum clients and contractors. Her pragmatic approach keeps a project progressing in a highly efficient and effective manner that makes the most of time, money and the talents of the team. She is diplomatic, thoughtful and efficient, with a great ability to negotiate creative solutions that respond to the needs of all team members while enhancing the greater good of the project. It was a pleasure to work with Barbara and we hope to do so again in the future. We can’t recommend her highly enough!

Kathy Gustafson-Hilton Senior Exhibit Developer, Hands On! Inc.


Ann M. Muscat, Ph.D.

Barbara is an experienced and knowledgeable professional who has worked on both large and small exhibition design and construction projects. She works well under pressure and follows through on the details. And if that isn’t enough, it was always a great pleasure working with her on Phase One of the California Science Center and, now, the Catalina Island Conservancy’s Interpretive Center.

Ann M. Muscat, Ph.D. President and CEO, Catalina Island Conservancy


Melissa Patrick

With less than a year before a scheduled reopening, our new Executive Director faced a construction effort that had spiraled out of control. He immediately brought in Punt Consulting Group, and things seemed to turn around within days. Barbara’s knowledge and experience, combined with her sense of humor, diffused even the most tense meetings. My experience working with Barbara confirmed why she has such a strong professional reputation. It would be crazy not to hire her.

Melissa Patrick Business Operations Director, Kidspace Children's Museum


Kate Neumiller Schureman

On behalf of the Board and staff of the Peoria Riverfront Museum, I would like to thank Punt Consulting Group for all of their outstanding assistance with the exhibits in our new facility! By moving to a larger facility, we were faced with the need to fill six galleries with exhibits that covered arts, history, science and achievement. We also had to develop, implement and administer exhibits that applied the “Delta Museum” principal. In other words, exhibits that are very flexible, and can change over time. Barbara was the perfect person to help us through the maze of exhibit planning, whether it was for a full gallery, or for supplemental components. We were able to successfully navigate both a design/build process and a design/bid/build process. Punt Consulting Group did a fantastic job of keeping us in order, and not missing any details. I would highly recommend Barbara for any exhibit-based project, and look forward to the chance to work with her in the future.

Kate Neumiller Schureman Sr. V.P. of Programs, Peoria Riverfront Museum


Connie Claman

At Liberty Science Center, when we began planning to develop RFPs and contracts as part of our expansion, I immediately thought of having Barbara work with us. She had done a terrific job in handling the exhibit install and contractual relationships between contractors and Liberty Science Center when it first opened, and I knew we could count on her expertise and professionalism this second time around. I have many problems to worry about with our expansion. Happily, with Barbara on our team, our agreements with our contractors are not one of them.

Connie Claman CFO and VP Resource Administration, Liberty Science Center


John W. Jacobsen

Having Punt Consulting Group on our team brings me a great deal of confidence. I know I am in expert hands with managing the relationships with contractors. Barbara approaches her work with passion, fairness, detail and collaboration. While some might think that a friendly contract manager is oxymoronic, I think understanding, empathy and friendliness are essential in forming positive relationships with creative contractors, and Barbara is wonderful at it!

John W. Jacobsen President, White Oak Associates, Inc.


Sean Regan

Museum projects have complicated design and fabrication contracts.  Everything is custom and many contracts are written even before a concept is developed.  Barbara does a great job of anticipating surprises and negotiating contracts that protect the museum from the risks of construction.

Sean Regan Managing Director, Regan Associates LLC


Suzanne Wilcox

When I met Barbara, I was drawn to her flexibility and optimism. When she came to work with us, I wasn’t disappointed. Barbara recognized the unique qualities of our situation and helped us plan accordingly. She brought an objective recognition of the distinctive strengths our circumstances embody, while working with us to answer our unanswered questions and clearly define our direction. She brought enthusiastic energy, and a refreshing perspective.

Suzanne Wilcox Founder and Executive Director , Exploration Works


Seth Jarvis

Clark Planetarium’s 2016 exhibits modernization project involved making multi-million dollar decisions with important long term consequences. We needed expert guidance identifying and selecting a well-qualified firm to help us design, fabricate and install new science education exhibits. The selection had to be made through a competitive RFP process, and we knew that the usefulness of the submitted proposals and our ability to make a wise selection from them would in large measure depend on the quality of the RFP itself. We needed an RFP that accurately and comprehensively communicated our organizational goals for the new exhibits and solicited proposals with the most relevant and project-specific information from prospective contractors. Barbara Punt’s assistance was invaluable to us both in writing the RFP itself, and in making the final selection of an exhibits firm for our project.

Seth Jarvis Director, Clark Planetarium at Salt Lake County


Stephen H. Baumann

As a new executive director in need of a professional with the communication and management skills necessary to take hold of a complicated construction project, I Punted. With Barbara as an integral part of our team we were soon back on the right track to an on time and on budget opening. Hiring Punt Consulting Group was one of the best decisions I made in my first year at Kidspace.

Stephen H. Baumann Former Executive Director, Kidspace Children's Museum


Tim Bertschy

I had the pleasure of working with Punt Consulting Group on the drafting of museum design and build-out contracts (e.g., prototypes, exhibits, etc.) for a new museum.  Barbara was indispensable in working with our legal team to produce contracts that precisely fit the situation.  When we encountered drafting, negotiation, or contract administration issues, Barbara was particularly helpful in utilizing her practical knowledge of the industry and how it operates to help us craft reasonable outcomes.  I would welcome an opportunity to work with her again.

Tim Bertschy Principal, Heyl Royster