Site specific artworks require the happy convergence of many factors, such as funding, mission, and location. There are also concomitant complexities with their development, execution, and installation. Frequently they require numerous disciplines weighing in on what’s possible, what has been done before, and what boundaries can be pushed in order for an extraordinary piece to emerge.

Punt Consulting Group has been fortunate enough to manage numerous site-specific art projects. We’re familiar with the various layers of artists, fabricators, specialty engineers and contractors, permitting agencies, and complex budget and schedule management these projects can entail. Often they are financed by different funding sources, such as public and private partnerships, and may be installed in conjunction with other types of ongoing landscaping or building construction. Scheduling many entities accessing the same loading docks (which may be under construction and/or off limits at certain times) and same space (albeit at different altitudes) is complicated, nail-biting, and great fun. Being entrusted with the safety of these works of art is a great responsibility and a great honor.

Here are a sample of site specific art projects we’ve managed:

Rufus Butler Seder

Chuck Hoberman LSC