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Looking for the best practices on income-generating exhibits? What about how top museums handle their gift shop concessions? Maybe you’re more interested in how your state provides energy rebates for co-gen facilities. Or how E-Verify will affect your vendor choices. Having a tough time filling that senior management position? Not sure if your museum’s operations team is ready to open and want a second opinion?

Or is that your Operations and Maintenance manual needs updating? For the answer to these and other questions on your mind, hire Punt Consulting Group to research something for you.



Jeanie Stahl

White Oak has worked with Barbara for many years, not only for her contracting expertise, but also to assist us in project research, and surveying the museum field in regard to programming. She knows what questions to ask and how to reach the right people to get the answers needed. We always enjoy working with Barbara and continue to look for opportunities to do so. She is diligent in her work and we know we can count on her.

Jeanie Stahl Vice President, White Oak Associates, Inc.