What is an Owner’s Representative and why do you need one? If you’re reading this the core competence of your business is probably something other than Owner’s Representation.

An Owner’s Rep is a special type of project manager who is authorized to speak on behalf of the Owner and give directions to those outside the Owner’s organization. They are commonly used in projects involving design and/or fabrication or construction. For example, the various parties within an organization may review drawings and authorize the Owner’s Rep to require a designer to make certain changes, reject a prototype because it doesn’t meet the project criteria, or make a vendor reduce the price of something that’s gone over budget. The Owner’s Rep is also the main point of contact for information going into and out of the organization so that these outside entities don’t receive conflicting directions from different people within the same organization and have to figure out whose directions to follow. The Owner’s Rep vets the responses so that these questions get clarified internally and clear direction is given to those outside the organization.

The Owner’s Rep is also a translator. Their clients are typically not experienced in the language of architects, designers, engineers, builders, government agencies, and many other parties that may be involved in a project. It’s the Owner’s Rep’s job to protect the Owner’s interests and manage the work of these various disciplines, as well as explain to the Owner what the options are in a given situation, advise the Owner what the implications will be for the various options, and carry out the Owner’s direction. An Owner’s Rep can have either a little or a lot of autonomy, depending upon the Owner and the project.

Think of the Owner’s Rep as the professional who safeguards and guides your vision until it becomes a reality. Kind of like a midwife who makes the birthing process of your project as painless as possible. At Punt Consulting Group, we’ve got you covered.

Stephen H. Baumann

As a new executive director in need of a professional with the communication and management skills necessary to take hold of a complicated construction project, I Punted. With Barbara as an integral part of our team we were soon back on the right track to an on time and on budget opening. Hiring Punt Consulting Group was one of the best decisions I made in my first year at Kidspace.

Stephen H. Baumann Former Executive Director, Kidspace Children's Museum