Have you ever heard the expression, “For every 10 people in a room there are 11 opinions?” It takes skill to run an effective meeting. Experience in reading body language, discerning hidden agendas, teasing out the opinions of the quiet but key players, modulating the potentially disruptive exuberance of some so that the voices of others can be heard. In short, it’s a skill not everybody has.

Punt Consulting Group provides consummate meeting facilitation, whether we’re hired to mediate between parties who can’t reach an agreement or hired to run your Board Retreat. One of our biggest meeting facilitation endeavors was running a biweekly project meeting encompassing two architectural teams, two exhibit design teams, in-house staff, various consultants, and occasional Board members or other stakeholders. Meetings of this size are very costly, so running them efficiently, productively, and cooperatively was a cost imperative.

Another multi-year challenge was running back to back conference calls with parties all across the country to review designs with the client, the designers, the architects, and other consultants. These calls were tightly choreographed events spanning 8 hours straight (with 10 minute breaks every two hours and a half hour for lunch). The ability to keep people on point, not cut off productive discussion, reach measurable conclusions and formulate action items for the future is paramount to getting what you need out of any meeting, be it with two people or twenty.

Are you concerned your meetings are getting out of hand and more business is conducted by the microwave than in the conference room? Hire Punt Consulting Group and we’ll make sure your meetings are productive or we’ll buy you lunch. To microwave at your very own office.

Suzanne Wilcox

When I met Barbara, I was drawn to her flexibility and optimism. When she came to work with us, I wasn’t disappointed. Barbara recognized the unique qualities of our situation and helped us plan accordingly. She brought an objective recognition of the distinctive strengths our circumstances embody, while working with us to answer our unanswered questions and clearly define our direction. She brought enthusiastic energy, and a refreshing perspective.

Suzanne Wilcox Founder and Executive Director , Exploration Works