Facts and figures, time and money, there are many clichés about the same subject – keeping track of these resources is important, requires close scrutiny, and has to be communicated in ways that people can understand so that the data is meaningful and useful in making decisions about moving forward.

At Punt Consulting Group we can create Excel charts, review timelines, show cash flow projections, and do everything else that other project management companies can do — and more.  It’s of the utmost importance to us that you can actually see what’s on those charts and graphs.  How many times have you been handed a financial report or a schedule update that was too small, too confusing, or too loaded with unnecessary details for you to focus on the important elements you needed to see first?

Our experience in design, development, and operations gives us the background expertise to know that not everyone needs or wants to see the same information laid out the same way.  The Executive Summary for one party may be more than enough, and for another team member no detail is too meaningless because of what the information conveys.

We’ll give you the goods, and what’s more, you’ll actually be able to see them.  No magnifying glasses required.


Stephen H. Baumann

This is perfect. When I saw what we had gotten from the general contractor, I could not imagine how this would transfer into something mere mortals could understand. But, you have done it.

Stephen H. Baumann Former Executive Director, Kidspace Children's Museum