A project manager embodies a unique set of skills and provides a “value added” to ensure your project gets completed on time, on budget, and in scope.  Project management operates at both a meta level (developing processes and planning for the entire project) and a micro level (tracking details through completion).

On the meta level, the project manager defines project resources and develops metrics for what quantity is required and what restrictions exist.  Resources such as time and money are only the tip of the iceberg.  Other critical resources are labor and management.  Who is doing the work — are they available or do they need to be identified and added to the team?  How much time does the client have to participate?  Some clients want to be active participants throughout the entire project, while others mainly want the project manager to flag items for discussion before they become critical.  Optimizing the available resources and how they may be adjusted or reallocated as the project progresses is an expertise honed over many years of experience.

Tracking time and money is part of a project manager’s stock in trade.  Punt Consulting Group excels at providing tracking tools that are “user-friendly” enough to both indicate past performance and predict future resource usage.  More importantly, we discuss any potential risk factors in achieving a successful project and how to be proactive to minimize them.  We see problems before they have a chance to occur, and when unexpected circumstances arise, we offer creative solutions based on our extensive experience.

At Punt Consulting Group, our project managers’ skills include the tact of a diplomat, an accountant’s attention to detail, the persuasiveness and energy of a cheerleader, and a gymnast’s flexibility in juggling and prioritizing many tasks in a fast-paced creative environment.